Bal Uddhar Secondary School, No.1; Popular Community School 


Bal Uddhar Secondary School (BUSS), located in Budhanilkantha Municipality-10, Kapan, Kathmandu, is a government school founded in 1990 A.D. or 2046 B.S. 

Bal Uddhar Secondary School holds a prominent position as a leading government school in the country that provides a platform for the overall development of its students and imparts quality education.

Establishing such a high-quality government school was a long-felt need, and BUSS has successfully fulfilled this need by providing quality education to students from all over the country.

BUSS provides a diverse selection of educational activities that cater to the preferences and interests of its students, parents, local community, and other stakeholders.

Bal Uddhar Secondary School, No.1; Popular Community School  1
Bal Uddhar Secondary School’s Cafe

The school currently enrolls approximately two thousand students ranging from playgroup to grade XII and employs a qualified team of sixty-five teaching and non-teaching staff. BUSS is a preferred educational institution for students from over fifty-six districts within Nepal and neighboring India seeking quality education.

BUSS provides a dual curriculum that encompasses general and vocational education. The school accepts students from play groups to grade twelve in the available education program. In contrast, the vocational education program offers computer courses for grades nine to twelve in partnership with the National Education Board (NEB). BUSS offers ten plus two programs across several disciplines, including Science, Management, Education, Humanities, and Law.

The school is equipped with 24/7 CCTV surveillance in both classrooms and grounds, ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for its students. 

Bal Uddhar Secondary School’s unwavering dedication to providing quality education has earned it a prominent position as one of the top educational institutions in the country, widely recognized as a model government school in Nepal.

Bal Uddhar Secondary School
Bal Uddhar Secondary School

Objectives and vision

  • The primary focus of Bal Uddhar Secondary School is to provide a quality education that aligns with society’s current needs for its students’ holistic development.
  • BUSS commits to ensuring its students become well-rounded individuals by integrating spiritual, social, intellectual, moral, and cultural aspects.
  • The school aims to empower its students to become responsible, reflective, and globally competent individuals.
  • BUSS strives to achieve this vision by encouraging and nurturing a culture of self-reflection, continuous learning, and empowerment among its students.

Bal Uddhar Secondary School is best because 

  • Bal Uddhar Secondary School is affiliated with the Confucius Institute at Tribhuwan University and provides Chinese language classes to its students.
  • The school aims to create a caring, loving, and supportive educational environment for its students.
  • Bal Uddhar Secondary School emphasizes the importance of positive attitudes and respect for discipline among its students.
  • The school boasts experienced, highly qualified, and dedicated faculty members.
  • BUSS follows a student-oriented teaching-learning methodology.
  • BUSS conducts classes in both Nepali and English mediums.
  • The school provides remedial support classes to assist students who require additional assistance.
  • Bal Uddhar Secondary School has a well-resourced library with ample references.
  • The pre-primary classes are well-managed and organized.
  • BUSS has well-equipped labs, including a Science lab and one of Nepal’s best high-tech computer labs.
  • The school has audio-visual classrooms to facilitate learning.
  • Bal Uddhar Secondary School has a nursing station with a professional nurse to cater to the health needs of its students.
  • The school organizes frequent extracurricular and co-curricular activities, including field visits and level-wise picnic programs.
  • The school conducts periodic parent-teacher meetings to discuss students’ academic progress.
  • The cafeteria at BUSS is clean and hygienic.
  • BUSS has a well-managed auditorium hall for school events.
  • The school provides opportunities for its students to participate in national and international sports and games.
  • BUSS offers special privileges for students from backward communities, Dalit, and Indigenous backgrounds.
  • The school runs regular counseling sessions for students who may require additional support.
  • Bal Uddhar Secondary School has implemented a Continuous Assessment System (CAS) to monitor and evaluate students’ academic progress.

Silent Features of Bal Uddhar Secondary School

Bal Uddhar Secondary School’s silent features:

  • Dance: The school provides facilities for dance classes to promote the artistic development of its students.
  • Music: The school has a music room and offers music classes to students to develop their musical talents.
  • Multimedia Classroom: The school has well-equipped multimedia classrooms to provide its students with the latest teaching and learning experience.
  • Library: The school has a resourceful library with ample references to encourage reading habits among students.
  • Cafeteria: The school has a clean and hygienic cafe that offers nutritious food and refreshments to students and staff.
  • Tour: The school organizes educational tours and field visits to provide practical knowledge and exposure to its students.
  • Parking: The school provides ample parking space for students, staff, and visitors.
  • Counseling: The school runs regular counseling programs for students by specialists to provide emotional and academic support.
  • Conference Hall: The school has a well-managed conference hall for various academic and non-academic activities.