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Jarah-Evelyn Makalapua Mariano, publicly known as Jarah Mariano, born on November 23, 1984, is a renowned American model celebrated for her prominent features in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions of 2008 and 2009, in addition to her association with Victoria’s Secret.

Jarah Mariano’s Early Life

Jarah-Evelyn Makalapua Mariano was born in Lihue, a city on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. When she was just four years old, her family relocated to California, and she grew up in Mission Viejo alongside her two older brothers. 

At age 15, her life took a pivotal turn when she was discovered by a model scout named Corrie Caster in Santa Monica, California.

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After completing her education at Trabuco Hills High School, she moved significantly to New York City. During her time in the city, she continued to excel in her modeling career while also dedicating herself to full-time education at Pace University, ultimately achieving a degree in Speech Communications with a concentration in Media Studies.

Jarah Mariano’s Career

Various accomplishments have marked Jarah Mariano’s modeling journey. She has been featured in advertising campaigns for brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Armani Exchange, Sephora, MAC, Roxy Quiksilver, Redken, H&M, Avon, Old Navy, Avon, Old Navy, Dereon, Levi’s, Pac Sun, Dereon, Levi’s, Pac Sun, Rock and Republic.

Additionally, she has graced the pages of numerous catalogs for Victoria’s Secret. Her modeling portfolio extends to cover shoots, including the April/May 2007 issue of Complex Magazine’s 5th Anniversary Edition and features in renowned fashion magazines like Self, Taiwan Vogue, L’uomo Vogue, Glamour, Elle, and Italian Vanity Fair.

She has also appeared on fashion runways in both Miami and New York. Jarah-Evelyn Mariano debuted in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2008, an achievement she repeated in the 2009 edition. 

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Interestingly, she appeared uncredited in the title sequence of the James Bond film “Skyfall” in 2012. Beyond her thriving modeling career, Mariano has explored the realm of television. 

She has a list of notable credits, including a role in Jay-Z’s comeback music video, “Show Me What You Got,” and a memorable cameo in the NBC television series, “Chuck.” 

Furthermore, her talent extended to various Old Navy commercials, where her presence enhanced their advertising campaigns.

Additionally, she ventured into acting with minor roles in notable productions, including Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report” and Hal Hartley’s “The Girl From Monday,” adding a new dimension to her career.

Additionally, she held a recurring role in the series “Rescue Me.” In 2009, she was part of the music videos for “Love Again” and “Kiss Kiss Kiss (키스키스키스)” by the experimental fusion music Korean group Clazziquai Project.

Jarah Mariano’s Personal Life

Jarah Mariano’s heritage is a beautiful blend of Korean and Native Hawaiian roots, reflecting her diverse cultural background.

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Her primary residence is in the vibrant city of New York, where she finds joy and fulfillment in her passions for photography, culinary arts, yoga, and the exhilarating sport of surfing during her leisure moments.

In 2023, she embarked on a new chapter by marrying Milo Ventimiglia, marking a significant milestone in her journey.

Milo Ventimiglia Weds Jarah Mariano in Intimate Ceremony

Us Weekly has confirmed that Milo Ventimiglia is no longer available as he has secretly wed Jarah Mariano. 

Earlier this year, the couple celebrated their love with an intimate wedding ceremony, shared exclusively with their close family and friends.

Milo Ventimiglia has officially removed himself from the singles market, having quietly married Jarah Mariano, a revelation exclusively disclosed by Us Weekly.

Earlier in the year, the couple shared their heartfelt vows in a private wedding ceremony, surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

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Despite being linked together since last year, Ventimiglia, 46, and Mariano, 38, have kept their relationship private, never confirming it publicly.

Notably, the couple has been frequently seen in California recently, following Ventimiglia’s acquisition of a ranch home in Malibu during the summer of 2022.

Despite his efforts to keep his personal life under wraps, Ventimiglia did open up to Us in March 2017 about how his role as Jack Pearson on This Is Us prompted him to contemplate his future.

He expressed, “It doesn’t make me want to have a family any more than I think I’m built to want a strong family unit. It will happen when it happens.

I’m not actively pursuing it. I’m simply living in the present moment, and when the right time comes, I’m confident it will naturally fall into place.”

In an exclusive report by Us Weekly, it’s been confirmed that Milo Ventimiglia has taken himself off the market by secretly marrying Jarah Mariano.

Earlier this year, the couple exchanged vows in a private wedding ceremony, shared with their closest family and friends.

Despite being linked together since last year, Ventimiglia, 46, and Mariano, 38, have chosen to maintain privacy about their relationship.

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Notably, they have been frequently spotted in California, particularly after the This Is Us star acquired a ranch home in Malibu in the summer of 2022.

Ventimiglia, who has always been discreet about his personal life, did open up to Us in March 2017. He discussed how his role as Jack Pearson on This Is Us led him to contemplate his future, saying, “It doesn’t make me want to have a family any more than I think I’m built to want a strong family unit.

It will happen when it happens. I’m not actively pursuing it. I’m simply living in the present moment, and when the right time comes, I’m confident it will naturally fall into place.”

The actor also shared his enthusiasm for playing a dad on the NBC series, describing it as a “blast” and expressing his desire to influence and shape young minds positively.

While Ventimiglia’s real-life romances have remained low-key, Gilmore Girls fans have long been invested in Jess Mariano’s love life, where he shares a last name with his famous TV persona.

Who Is Jarah Mariano? Everything to Know About Milo Ventimiglia’s Wife

Milo Ventimiglia has now officially become a husband! 

In the current year, the celebrated actor from “This Is Us” privately and intimately exchanged marriage vows with model Jarah Mariano, a revelation exclusively brought to light by Us Weekly.

The news was subsequently confirmed by Entertainment Tonight and People. In the wedding photos shared by Us, Ventimiglia donned a loose white button-up shirt paired with slacks and an open-ended leaf lei.

At the same time, Mariano radiated elegance in a simple white dress featuring spaghetti straps and an open back adorned with a delicate white flower crown.

Ventimiglia and Mariano’s romantic connection began last year, though they opted not to confirm their relationship publicly.

Ventimiglia has a history of keeping his personal life away from the public eye, making their love story a well-guarded secret.

Let’s delve into what we know about the new spouse of the “Gilmore Girls” alum: Jarah Mariano was born and raised in Hawaii and has a Korean heritage.

She originally hails from the Hawaiian island of Kauai, and her family later relocated to California. In a Facebook post from 2021, she expressed her immense pride in representing her Asian-Pacific American heritage, elaborating on her diverse background, including her Hawaiian and Korean roots.

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She moved to New York City during her teenage years, where she would reside for the next 15 years. Jarah Mariano’s academic path led her to Pace University, where she dedicated herself to her studies and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in speech communications.

Her focus within her degree program was media studies, and this academic achievement is documented on her IMDb page. This underlines her dedication to education while flourishing in her thriving career within the entertainment industry.

Jarah Mariano has established herself as a highly regarded model, with representation by renowned agencies Next Models and Elite.

Her impressive portfolio includes campaigns for Abercrombie and Fitch and Victoria’s Secret. Mariano has also graced the pages of Sports Illustrated.

In addition to her modeling career, Jarah Mariano is the founder of Hina + Kū Hawaiʻi, a fragrance company that donates proceeds from sales to charitable causes.

The brand’s contributions support the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation’s nonprofit Makalapua Fund, which aids food banks, local farmers, fishermen, and children’s education centers.

Mariano shares the same last name as Milo Ventimiglia’s iconic “Gilmore Girls” character, Jess. This detail hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans of the beloved TV series.

FAQs about Jarah Mariano

Who did Milo Ventimiglia marry?

Well, everyone, it’s official! Milo Ventimiglia, known for keeping his personal life under wraps, has finally let the cat out of the bag.

On October 30, Gilmore Girls enthusiasts were hit with the news that the actor had taken the plunge and married Jarah Mariano earlier in 2023, leaving many hearts aflutter.

As per Us Weekly, the duo declared their vows in an intimate ceremony, enveloped by the warmth of close family and friends who joyously partook in the celebration.

Despite the couple never officially confirming their relationship in public, sightings of Milo and Jarah together in the actor’s home state of California over the past few years hinted at a connection (and if you’re curious, you can feast your eyes on their stunning wedding photos).

We’ve got the details for those wondering about the mystery woman who won Milo Ventimiglia’s heart, Jarah Mariano. Delve into the following paragraphs to unravel the story behind Milo’s new bride.

How old is jarah mariano?

Born on November 23, 1984, Jarah Mariano is currently 38 years old.

Who is Jarah?

She is a model. She has starred in campaigns for brands like Abercrombie and Fitch and Victoria’s Secret and has also appeared in an issue of Sports Illustrated. This content is imported from Instagram.

Is Jarah a boy’s name?

With its significance as “God gives sweetness” and the association with “honey,” Jarah is a fitting masculine name that stands the test of time.

Rooted in Hebrew, this timeless name is featured in the Old Testament. The current trend favors biblical names ending with vowel sounds, and Jarah perfectly exemplifies why they’ve gained such widespread popularity.

Is ‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Milo Ventimiglia Married?

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Milo Ventimiglia, who has kept his personal life under wraps for years, has now shared that he is no longer single.

On October 30, the joyous revelation came to light, shattering the hearts of Gilmore Girls enthusiasts as Us Weekly unveiled the actor’s marital union with Jarah Mariano in early 2023.

Has Milo ever been married?

Milo Ventimiglia has entered the realm of matrimony! The This Is Us actor discreetly exchanged vows with his girlfriend, Jarah Mariano, earlier this year, as confirmed by a representative to PEOPLE.

Us Weekly broke the story, revealing that the couple officially became spouses in a private ceremony, surrounded by their closest family and friends earlier this year.

Does Milo have kids?

Despite his acclaimed role as Jack Pearson in ‘This Is Us,’ Milo Ventimiglia, at 44, remains content with not being a father.

The actor has clarified that his depiction of a patriarch on the NBC drama series hasn’t sparked a desire to rush into parenthood. 

Ventimiglia’s contentment with not being a father reflects his thoughtful and deliberate perspective on family planning.

The actor’s statements highlight the distinction between his onscreen persona and personal life choices. Milo Ventimiglia’s stance serves as a reminder that an actor’s roles may not necessarily mirror their real-life preferences and decisions.

How old is Milo Ventimiglia?

46 years (July 8, 1977)

Does Milo have a girlfriend?

In a discreet ceremony, Milo Ventimiglia, known for his role in This Is Us, has officially married his girlfriend, model Jarah Mariano.

As reported by Us Weekly, the couple shared their vows in a close-knit ceremony, surrounded by family and friends. Representatives for the actor have officially verified this information with People magazine.

Who was Milo engaged to?

The representative of the “This Is Us” star has affirmed to TODAY.com that Milo Ventimiglia and model Jarah Mariano have entered into matrimony.

As reported by US Weekly, the couple discreetly sealed the deal in a private wedding ceremony earlier this year, joined by close friends and family.

How old was MILO when he played Jess?

At 24, the charismatic actor Milo Ventimiglia embarked on his portrayal of Jess Mariano, the rebellious teenager who introduces a touch of trouble into Rory’s life.

Making his debut in Gilmore Girls season 2, Jess is initially depicted as a troubled 18-year-old sent to reside with his uncle Luke, who aims to guide him onto a better path.

Why did MILO leave India?

Nestle halted the production of Milo in India, attributing the decision to the presence of significant competitors in the chocolate malt powder industry, such as Horlicks, Boost, Bournvita, and others.

Milo faced challenges upon its initial introduction to the Indian market, primarily related to pricing, and struggled to gain traction amidst the established presence of prominent companies in the country.

Who is MILO’s best friend?

Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase are inseparable best friends who have practically grown up side by side. Their friendship dates back to the first day of first grade, as depicted in “First Impressions.”

Who does Milo have a crush on?

Milo has feelings for Amanda. He genuinely cares about her, goes to great lengths to prevent Murphy’s Law from interfering with her enjoyment, and gets excited in her presence.

Although Amanda was initially hesitant, she gradually warmed up to Milo throughout the series, reciprocating his feelings over time.

How many kids does MILO have?

No, the actor does not have any children.

Is Jarah Mariano filipino?

Mariano, of Korean descent, spent her early years on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. However, she and her family eventually relocated to California.

In a Facebook post from 2021, she shared insights into her heritage, expressing pride in representing her community during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

Where did Mariano study at the University?

Mariano reached her academic goals by earning a bachelor’s degree from Peace University in New York, USA, focusing on speech communications with a concentration in media studies.

Is Mariano a famous model? 

She enjoys worldwide popularity. Mariano is affiliated with renowned agencies such as Next Models and Elite.

Her portfolio includes campaigns for well-known brands like Abercrombie and Fitch and Victoria’s Secret. Additionally, she has been featured in an edition of Sports Illustrated.


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