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Dhruba Prasad Ghimire, a prominent figure in education and social activism, has etched an enduring legacy through his unwavering dedication to these causes.

His story begins on July 1, 1982, in the quaint Bilandu Village Development Committee (VDC), ward-5, Dhuseni, situated in the eastern region of Okhaldhunga district, Nepal.

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Hailing from a sprawling joint family in eastern Nepal, Dhruba is the eleventh and youngest child of his parents, the late Shanti Lal Ghimire and India Maya Ghimire.

Growing up, he was surrounded by a supportive network of six sisters and five brothers, who ensured he received ample love and care during his formative years.

The Ghimire family subsisted through agriculture and cattle rearing, integral to their livelihood in Nepal. Despite being born into a middle-class household, Dhruba’s life was marked by constant struggles to attain quality education and a nurturing environment.

Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s Educational Journey

Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s educational journey began at age five when he was admitted to Kunta Devi Primary School in Dhuseni village, Okhaldhunga District. 

For the initial five years of his schooling, he shared a classroom with his elder sister, Laxmi Ghimire. In January 1993, his family relocated from Okhaldhunga to Sindhuli District.

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Dhruba Prasad Ghimire and his sister Laxmi then embarked on a new chapter, enrolling in grade six at Kamala Secondary School in Bhaluwahi, Hatpate Village Development Committee of Sindhuli district in 1993. Despite studying in a rural setting, Dhruba remained an active student, excelling in academics and extracurricular activities.

Notable achievements marked his academic journey. While in Okhaldhunga, he secured the second position in his class, with his sister claiming the top spot. However, the dynamics changed when they moved to the Terai region, where he had 108 classmates. 

He consistently ranked among the top students but never clinched the first position, as two of his classmates were teacher’s children who always held the top positions. District-level tests were mandatory before taking the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam. 

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In the district test results, the school teachers had no authority to assess the answer sheets or assign additional marks. Despite these challenges, Dhruba emerged as the top student in the district-level test. Subsequently, he made history by securing first division in the SLC exam, a remarkable feat in the country’s rural regions in 1998.

His pursuit of education continued as he joined grade eleven at Kamala Secondary School, where he consistently ranked first. Following his high school graduation, he completed a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in Sociology from Pashupati Multiple Campus, affiliated with Tribhuwan University.

His academic journey culminated with a Master’s in Mass Communication and Journalism from the College of Journalism and Mass Communication (CJMC) under Purbanchal University.

Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s Involvement in Student Politics

Dhruba’s foray into student politics was influenced by his early exposure to The Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist), CPN-UML, in Okhaldhunga District. His older brother, Kumar Prasad Ghimire, was a member of CPN-UML when Dhruba was just in grade five, and he actively participated in election campaigns from the age of nine.

His family’s relocation from Okhaldhunga to Sindhuli did not dampen his enthusiasm. In grade six, he joined The All Nepal National Free Students’ Union (ANNFSU), and by grade seven, he had assumed the role of school committee secretary.

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As he progressed to grade nine, he became a district committee member of ANNFSU, eventually becoming the deputy in charge of Area Number 1.

ANNFSU was the sister organization of CPN-UML, and Dhruba’s involvement with the latter deepened. He became a general member of CPN-UML in grade ten and an active member in grade eleven.

During his college education at Pashupati Multiple Campus, he was a board member of the ANNFSU Pashupati Multiple College committee.

From 2002 to 2005, he led the committee as its president, contributing significantly to student welfare. His efforts included the publication of a student journal, “Nawasirjana,” and the establishing of scholarship programs for financially disadvantaged students in coordination with the college administration.

Even though he faced a setback in his bid for the position of college president in the Free Students Union (FSU) election, Dhruba remained committed to student politics. He became a Kathmandu School District Committee member and served as the vice president of the district committee.

Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s journey exemplifies a steadfast commitment to education and social change, underpinned by an enduring passion for student activism and social justice. His contributions continue to inspire those who follow in his footsteps. 

Dhruba Prasad Ghimire in Party politics

Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s journey through the intricate tapestry of political life reads like a captivating saga of unwavering commitment and genuine engagement. His foray into political activism commenced during high school, where he emerged as a dynamic and dedicated member of a burgeoning party.

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During his college years in the vibrant heart of Kathmandu, Ghimire’s involvement deepened as he assumed a pivotal role within the party committee, showcasing a commendable dedication to the cause.

In 2001, he cemented his position in the Sindhuli-Kathmandu Contact Forum of the CPN-UML, ascending to the esteemed committee member position, a testament to his rising influence within the political echelons.

The tale of Ghimire’s political journey is one characterized by an unswerving sense of duty. In 1998, he shouldered many responsibilities at the municipal, election area, and district committees within the contact forum, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to the cause.

In 2006, Ghimire’s path led him back to the roots of his political activism in Sindhuli. He assumed the office of the secretariat and Secretary at the Hatpate Village Committee of CPN UML, further solidifying his commitment to the party’s objectives.

Not content with resting on his laurels, Ghimire ascended to the position of area committee assistance secretary within the CPN UML, showcasing an unrelenting pursuit of the party’s ideals.

Yet, life’s winding road led him to the bustling metropolis of Kathmandu, driven by a thirst for his children’s education and the allure of new horizons. This geographical shift did not dampen his commitment to the party’s cause, serving as a testament to his unyielding dedication.

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In a monumental chapter of his political narrative, Ghimire assumed the mantle of Bagmati Province Secretary within the Publication and Publicity department, a role of profound influence and responsibility.

This remarkable appointment came during a transformative period when the CPN UML and CPN Maoists merged to form the formidable Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), reflecting Ghimire’s ever-increasing role within the political landscape.

Contribution as a Journalist

Dhruba Prasad Ghimire embarked on a remarkable career shift in 2017, venturing into journalism. He initiated his journey by establishing a nonprofit digital media company, “Pariwartan Sanchar Samuha,” dedicated to producing news in Nepali and English.

The overarching mission of Pariwartan Sanchar Samuha was to serve as a philanthropic entity, aiming to make significant contributions to the advancement of Nepali society, culture, and civilization. It sought to achieve this noble objective by disseminating exploratory, optimistic, and progressive news, information, and ideas, fostering hope, faith, and positive sentiments among its readers.

Dhruba Prasad Ghimire introduced an innovative concept within this journalistic venture that involved creating personal biographies of socially renowned figures at the local, national, and international levels. This initiative aimed to shed light on the lives and achievements of these personalities, offering readers a deeper understanding of their stories and the inspiration they could provide.

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In 2021, a new addition to Dhruba’s journalistic endeavors emerged in the form of “The Digital Biography,” an English news portal that swiftly gained recognition as one of Nepal’s most widely-read sources of biographical content. 

This platform was designed to delve into the lives of remarkable historical and contemporary individuals from various corners of the world. The goal was to present these individuals as fountains of inspiration and knowledge, enriching readers’ lives with valuable insights and wisdom.

Contribution to the nonprofit sector  

Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s dedication to the nonprofit sector is a testament to his unwavering commitment to fostering positive change within his rural community.

In 2007, following the comprehensive peace agreement in Nepal, Ghimire took a momentous step by founding the Rural Women’s Network Nepal (RUWON Nepal). This visionary organization was established to empower marginalized and rural women and girls in the Sindhuli region. 

Over the years, RUWON has evolved into one of Nepal’s pioneering national feminist organizations, tirelessly advocating for gender equality and women’s rights.

RUWON’s exceptional status was further underscored by its Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). 

This prestigious recognition from the United Nations, in the form of the highest status accorded to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), enables RUWON to engage in the critical work of the United Nations actively, amplifying its impact on the global stage.

In 2015, Dhruba Prasad Ghimire and a dedicated group of friends registered the Association for Living Values Education Nepal, an initiative he presided over as the elected president. This significant step tied the organization to the broader network of the Association for Living Values Education International, a global nonprofit association dedicated to promoting values-based education.

It is important to note that ALIVE Nepal operates independently, transcending any specific religious, political, or national affiliations, underscoring its universal and inclusive mission.

Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s influence extended even further when he assumed the board director role for the Association for Living Values Education International in 2016, showcasing his global commitment to values-based education and its far-reaching impact.

He is a live member of the Nepal Red Cross Society and a member of the Rotary Club of Pashupati, Kathmandu. 

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In the Rotary club, he has contributed significantly to the registration clubs in different government agencies in Nepal and established a school canteen at Bal Uddhar Secondary School. 

Not content with these remarkable contributions, Dhruba Prasad Ghimire played a pivotal role in establishing the Soroptimist International Club in Nepal, explicitly spearheading the formation of Soroptimist Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Soroptimist International is a globally recognized volunteer service organization for women, boasting an impressive membership of nearly 72,000 women across 121 countries.

Dhruba’s instrumental role in founding and supporting this club demonstrates his dedication to advancing the status and well-being of women both locally and within the international arena.

Contribution to Community Education 

In 2020, Dhruba Prasad Ghimire assumed the pivotal role of Chairperson within the School Management Committee of Bal Uddhar Secondary School (BUSS), an educational institution in Kathmandu, Nepal, renowned for its model approach to community education. BUSS is a beacon of quality education within the region with an impressive enrollment of over 1700 students from the playgroup to grade 12.

Under Dhruba’s capable leadership, the school witnessed a remarkable transformation in its infrastructure and the caliber of education it provides. His tenure as Chairperson heralded a new era for BUSS, marked by an emotional commitment to offering top-tier education to its students.

Within the capable stewardship of Dhruba, BUSS has emerged as a shining example of a community-driven educational institution. It addresses a long-standing need to establish a high-caliber community school that caters to students’ educational aspirations from every corner of the nation.

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Under Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s guidance, the school diligently fulfills the aspirations of parents, locals, and stakeholders. The establishment of BUSS is the result of concerted efforts from numerous individuals, both seen and unseen, united in the common purpose of advancing education.

Dhruba’s leadership has steered the school towards its most noteworthy accomplishment: creating a nurturing, compassionate, supportive educational environment. This ethos ensures that BUSS provides a vast platform for the holistic development of all its students, making it a cornerstone for their growth and well-rounded education.

National and international Media Coverage

Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s impactful presence as a catalyst for social change is most evident in his tireless efforts within the social and educational domains.

During the challenging times of the 2015 earthquake and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Dhruba exhibited unwavering dedication through his extensive involvement with RUWON. 

His contributions played a pivotal role in providing crucial support to enhance the livelihoods of Nepali citizens, making a significant impact on the communities he served.

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As the Chairperson of Bal Uddhar Secondary School, Dhruba Prasad Ghimire has continually strived to elevate the quality of education provided to the students under his care. His leadership has fostered an environment that nurtures academic excellence and personal growth.

The repercussions of his remarkable work have resonated far and wide, garnering attention from local, national, and international media. 

These numerous sources have shed light on his transformative efforts, showcasing his profound commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those he serves.

You can read more about Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s work and contributions at the following links:

These various sources illuminate the profound impact of Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s work and his enduring dedication to social and educational betterment.

Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s International Visits 

Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s global engagements have taken him to diverse corners of the world, where he has actively participated in programs and events with a profound impact.

In 2012, Ghimire embarked on a meaningful journey to China as part of the EVS for Human Rights: Thinking Globally Acting Locally program, demonstrating his commitment to global human rights causes.

Subsequently, in both 2015 and 2016, Dhruba crossed the oceans to the United States, where he played an integral role in the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). 

Notably, Dhruba Prasad Ghimire was also a featured speaker at the TED Talk event hosted by FHI 360 during the 59th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). His captivating TED Talk, titled “Does one plus 1 = 3

The Integration Hypothesis: Can breaking development silos make a difference for women and girls?” explored the innovative notion of integration as a means to empower women and girls. Dhruba highlighted his commitment to a systemic approach in championing the rights of women and children on both local and national platforms.

His journey to the United States didn’t end there; in 2016, he returned to the country for the same noble purpose.

Furthermore, Dhruba Prasad Ghimire’s global footprint extends beyond the United States. 

He has made meaningful visits to various European countries, Thailand, and Bangladesh, serving as a distinguished representative of Nepal and RUWON Nepal in many international events, contributing significantly to the causes he passionately supports.