The famous biography of Dev Raj Ghimire

CPN UML, the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist), Standing Committee Member and elected parliamentary from Jhapa-2, Mr. Dev Raj Ghimire, became the 9th Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nepal on 19 January 2023.

In Ghimire’s candidacy, CPN-UML vice-president and former Speaker Subash Chandra Nemwang, CPN-Maoist MP Hitraj Pandey, National Independent Party Chairman and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane and RPP Chairman and Deputy Prime Minister Rajendra Lingden have become supporters.

The famous biography of Dev Raj Ghimire 1

Member of Parliament Mr. Dev Raj Ghimire got 167 votes in the election held through the vote-sharing process in the House of Representatives and was elected easily as a speaker of the House of Representatives in Nepal.  

After the Jhapa Rebellion in 1974, Ghimire, who contacted the Nepal Communist Party through the line of appeal broadcasting, received party membership in 1978 after spending three years of underground party life through the student organization after the formation of the Revolutionary Communist Organising Committee from 1975.

Childhood of Dev Raj Ghimire

In Sikaicha-6 of Taplejung District (currently Srijanga Rural Municipality-3), from father Padam Prasad Ghimire and mother Bhimkumari Ghimire, he was born as the second son of 12 children. Devraj Ghimire was born on 26 May 1956.

Ghimire, who started schooling at Shree Singhdevi Primary School in the village, passed his SLC (High School Level) from Bhanu Public High School in Taplejung district headquarters in 1972.

Ghimire, who passed Proficiency Certificate Level (IA) from Dharan’s Mahendra Multiple Campus, had to drop out of college occasionally to study in connection with party work. 

The famous biography of Dev Raj Ghimire 2

While looking for his diploma at Trichandra Cappas in Kathmandu, Ghimire’s formal education ended as he was involved in expanding the organization of the Communist Party of Nepal as a full-time worker, accepting the decision to boycott the party’s bourgeois education.

Dev Raj Ghimire’s Entry into Politics

After the Jhapa Rebellion in 1974, Ghimire, who was in contact with the Nepal Communist Party through the appeal broadcasting line, started working in the party through the student organization after forming the All Nepal Communist Revolutionary Coordination Committee in 1975. 

Ghimire, who boycotted bourgeois education in 1976 and went to the village to build the party’s organization, got party membership in August 1978 after three years of working underground in the All Nepal Communist Revolutionary Coordination Committee.

Ghimire continued to contribute to the development and expansion of the party as an organizer in the Tehrathum and Panchathar districts after forming the Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist Leninist) on 26 December 1978. 

The famous biography of Dev Raj Ghimire 3

Participating in CPN ML’s underground national meetings and events, Ghimire was a representative in the 4th party Congress held in the Lahan district of Nepal in August 1989. 

Dev Raj Ghimire was elected to the party’s central committee in the fifth national convention from 27 January to 2 February 1993 after the unification of the Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist Leninist) and Community Part of Nepal (Marxist), CPN (UML) due to his remarkable contribution to the life of the underground party politics.

Dev Raj Ghimire is the longest-party secretary of the Ilam District

Under the Panchayat system, Ilam’s popular communist leader, Ratna Kumar Bantawa, was killed in Illam. 

His party leaders, Pradip Nepal and Jhalnath Khanal, played a role in preventing the dream of suppressing the rising communist movement in the east part of the country after the murder of Communist Party leader Bantawa.

The famous biography of Dev Raj Ghimire 4

After they entered national politics to establish themselves in national politics, the then Communist Party of Nepal (CPN ML), as a leader who understood geography, gave Ghimire the responsibility of the party secretary of the Ilam district from 1980 to 1990.

The panchayat rulers, who were appalled by Ghimire’s political activity, issued a warrant to him in 1980. Ghimire spent more than ten years of difficult underground life in party building. 

Paty leader Dev Raj Ghimire, who has been in charge of the Mechi Zone since 1994, has just been able to run as a direct candidate, leaving his colleagues. 

The famous biography of Dev Raj Ghimire 5

In the 1992 election, when party General Secretary Madan Bhandari proposed to nominate Jhalnath Khanal from Illiam -1, and Devraj Ghimire Illiam-2, Ghimire succeeded in making the party win from both regions of Eelam by selecting a tribal leader rather than standing up for himself.

In 2001, after Madhav Kumar Nepal became the CPN UML general Secretary, Dev Raj Ghimire of a different party line was removed from the responsibility of geography politics and given the responsibility of being in charge of the central departments of the party.

The Health Department, Engineering Department, National Youth Federation, Nepal National Teachers’ Organization, and Progressive Teachers’ Association, which were in charge of Ghimire, were run as top public organizations during his tenure.

Ghimire, who became a victim of factional politics, became the head of the office of the Madan Bhandari Foundation and contributed to the expansion of the foundation to every corner of the country.

Dev Raj Ghimire Trustees of Bhandari and President Oli

Devraj Ghimire is a loyal and trusted leader in contemporary politics and a late popular leader, Madan Bhandari.

Madan Bhandari was impressed by him for raising the party’s image by giving the ticket he got in the 1991 election to a tribal leader. That is why Madan Bhandari honored his contribution by giving him responsibility as the general secretary to the party’s central committee.

The famous biography of Dev Raj Ghimire 6

After the mysterious murder of the late Madan Bhandari, to keep his memory alive, it is discussed in the UML circle that Vidya Devi Bhandari has continued Madan’s legacy by serving as the head of the office at the Madan Bhandari Foundation, which has established under the leadership of the central leaders of CPN-UML.

KP Oli became president of CPN UML after the ninth national convention 2014. Dev Raj Ghimire became the head of the secretariat and supported KP Oli until the end of 2017.