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Christopher Comstock Biography

Christopher Comstock, popularly known as Marshmello” born on May 19, 1992, is an American DJ and Electronic Music Producer. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, US. His five songs have been certified multi-platinum in several countries that include; Wolves, Alone, Silence, Friends, and Happier in the Top 30 list of the “Billboard Hot 100.
In early 2015, Marshmello gained international recognition by publishing remixes on social sites. Joytime” was his debut studio album; released in January 2016 that includes his single ‘Keep It, Mello.’ A platinum-certified single Alone, was released via the Canadian record label Monstercat in May 2016.

This single listed on top 60 on the US Billboard Hot 100 becoming his first single to be platinum-certified in Canada and the US with over 1 million copies. Marshmello released three subsequent singles the same year, 2017. After the release of songs like; Twinbow, Moving On, and Chasing Color, he collaborated with Khalid, an American Rand B singer. They released certified platinum and multi-platinum winning single ‘Silence’ in eight countries. Then Mello released his next single in collaboration with Selena Gomez, an American singer titled ‘Wolves and ended up being the bestselling singles.

He released his next single, Friends’ in coordination with Anne-Marie’ a British Singer. The following month, he released his second album named Joytime II, which includes singles like; Check it Out” and Tell Me.” In August, he released another single ‘Happier, with collaboration with British band Bastille, his highest-charting song on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ in the UK. He earned 40 million dollars, In 2019, being ranked as the second-most highest paid DJ’s worldwide by Forbes. Marshmello is always wearing his white helmet for his music videos and public appearances as a custom. Even his supporter didn’t know his identity for too long, but, In 2017, Forbes confirmed him to be Chris Comstock.

Early career and Joy time (2015–2016)

In the early month of 2015, he posted his first original song on his SoundCloud page, which was ‘Wavez. “In the following month, he released his remix songs of Russian-German DJ Zedd and American DJ duo Jack U. As Marshmello released and posted his songs, he received lots of love and support from many Musicians that include; Skrillex. He, along with the support, reposted his single on SoundCloud. At the end of 2015, he performed at California’s HARD Day of the Dead festival and New York’s Pier 94. In mid-2016, he also performed at Miami Music Week. Marshmello then released his studio album consisting of 10 songs, Joytime, in January 2016. He released one single from his album “Keep It, Mello,” where he featured Mexican rapper Omar Linx. This single was Gold certified by the RIAA Recording Industry Association Of America.

The album topped number five in the Dance Electronic Music’s Billboard, number 41 on the Independent Albums Chart, and topped number 14 on the US Heatseeker Album Chart. Marshmello released the album Alone ‘ along with a debut on Monstercat, a Canadian independent record label that appeared on the compilation album Monstercat 027-Cataclysm. The song reached 56 in the ‘Canadian Hot 100, which was the first song of his in Canada, 9th on the Dance/ Electronic Songs Chart, and topped 60th on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was platinum-certified in both US by RIAA and Canada by Music Canada.

Christopher Comstock


Marshmello was suggested to be an American DJ, Chris Comstock, known as Dotcom’ although his identity was not known, In May 2016. Marshmello performed in Las Vegas, at Electric Daisy Carnival, On June 19, 2016. Dutch DJ Tiesto wore similar clothes as Marshmello and took off his helmet, presenting himself as Marshmello, In a gimmick attempt by Dutch DJ Tiesto and Marshmello. In the following year, he performed in the Ritual Tour in several countries that include; China, South Korea, Paraguay, United States, and India till early January from the late September.

He released the single ‘Chasing Colors’ featuring vocals by ‘Noah Cyrus,’ an American singer, and collaborated with ‘Okay. Then he released his single Twinbow’ collaborating with Slushii. The song was known to the public as a snippet previously. In the following year, his third single, ‘Moving On, was released being debuted two years earlier than the official release. In December 2018, the official music video was released; the video got over 170 million views. The following month, Marshmello announced upcoming collaborations with Demi Lovato and Blackbear, American hip-hop recording artists. However, the collaboration was never released officially till late December 2018. Mello, following that, released his single named “Love U” for free as love and appreciation towards his fans. This song was described as a ‘Gritty Dance-Pop’ single with a helium-breathed vocal and pounding bassline by Billboards.

He then announced his next collaboration with American R&B singer Khalid on his Twitter. The collaboration “Silence” was officially released, On August 11, 2017, by RCA Records. The song topped 200 in Billboard charts in over 27 countries. The song topped the Dance Chart in the United States, the UK, and Australia. The collaboration also completed the top 10 in over sixteen countries like; Norway, Germany, and Sweden. It was multi-platinum certified in many countries and was seen in Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Hungary.

Christopher Comstock

Among the multi-platinum, the platinum was by BM Germany, RMNZ New Zealand, BPI United Kingdom, double platinum by BEA Belgium, a block of quintuple platinum by ARIA Australia, a block of quadruple platinum by SRIA Sweden, triple platinum by MC Canada, and RIAA by the United States. Then, Marshmello released his collaboration with Selena Gomez’s American singer, which topped the top 10 in more than 21 countries and became a commercial success. The single “Wolves topped the charts in Poland, Hungary, and Latvia and the Billboard Dance Electronic Songs chart in several countries. In 2017, it was his highest-charting Billboard Hot 100 song. This single reached the top fifty in over fifty countries, having sales of over three million copies. This song was Gold certified in Portugal, Denmark, Germany, and the United Kingdom.
This single also received several plates of platinum; multiple-platinum in Sweden, Australia, Brazil, and Canada. It also received single-platinum in France, Belgium, the United States, New Zealand, Spain, and Italy. After the commercial success of the single Wolves’, the single named You & Me was released collectively through Joytime.

Forbes published an article conforming Christopher Comstock as the individual behind the project Marshmello, In November. Regarding existing proofs as his real name being revealed in music BMI’s royalty manager database and In 2015, the company was registered under Comstock in Delaware. It was also disclosed to Forbers’ by Industries Insiders that the two were the same person. Afterward, Marshmello released his collaboration in a single called Spotlight’ with rapper Lil Peep. Marshmello had decided to release the single only after talking to the rapper’s mother as his mother had requested her son’s unpublished musical works released as many and much as possible.

In the following month, Marshmello frequently collaborated with Slushii for another single, ‘There×2.’ Then, he released another song, ‘Friends’, in collaboration with Anne-Marie, a British Singer. It was the fifth song from Anne-Marie’s studio album ‘Speak Your Mind. This song became Marshmello’s highest-charting song on the Hot 100 list, ranking top 11 till late 2018. The single “Friend’s” received several Single-platinum in various countries like; the United Kingdom, Belgium, New Zealand, the United States, and Germany, receiving a triple-platinum by Canada and double-platinum by Australia.

Christopher Comstock

After the single was released in collaboration with Anne-Marie, he then collaborated on a song “Every Day” with the rapper Logic, which was the third single of his ‘Bobby Tarantino II’ 17th mixtape. ‘You Can Cry’ and Fly collaborative singles with British soul singer ‘James Arthur,’ and rapper Juicy J. Marshmello announced his second studio album ‘Joytime II’ on his Twitter, On June 19. The album was finally out in June 2018. The two singles ‘Check This Out’ and ‘Tell Me’ were released in June. Later on, this singles music video was released after several months.


Deadmau5 inspired Marshmello for his style and appearance. He usually uses a white Helmet, resembling a Marshmello, for his music videos and public appearances. His identity was not known for a long time. Still, after the conformation by Forbes’ in April 2017, to be Chris Comstock, because of events such as the managerial connection of Shalizi, tattoos, and birthday, Skrillex’s referring to Marshmello as Chris in an interview. Marshmello released a documentary with more than music on Youtube, On July 2, 2019. Shalizi describes the procedure and efforts applied while creating the brand Marshmello, In the documentary.

Marshmello’s mascot head and stage name alternative spelling both were inspired by Candian electronic music producer Deadmau5. Deadmau5 uses the dead mouse as the mascot and alternative stage name. Here, Marshmello is seen wearing a white mascot and alternative spelling of Marshmallow as his stage name.

Christopher Comstock

On the platform, Youtube Marshmello has published cooking and gaming videos for his series ‘Cooking with Marshmello, and ‘Gaming with Marshmello.’ In the series of cooking, Marshmello was seen presenting his methods of cooking meals, snacks, and many more.