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Bryan Brown, whose full name is Bryan Neathway Brown AM, was born on June 23, 1947. He is a renowned Australian actor with a prolific career that has spanned more than four decades.

His versatile talent has graced more than eighty film and television projects, captivating audiences both at home in Australia and on international screens. 

Bryan Brown’s Early Life

Bryan’s roots trace back to Panania, a suburb nestled in the southwestern region of Sydney. He is the offspring of John “Jack” Brown, a dedicated salesman, and Molly Brown, a multi-talented individual who once lent her musical prowess to the Langshaw School of Ballet and furthered her artistic interests at the Edith Paull Drama School.

Molly’s diverse talents extended to her role as a house cleaner. Bryan shared his upbringing with a younger sister named Kristine, their childhood unfolding in the heart of Panania. Early on, he embarked on a professional path as an actuarial student at AMP.

Yet, the allure of the stage soon beckoned. Bryan’s journey into acting began with humble roots, treading the boards of amateur theater productions, where his latent passion for the performing arts was ignited.

Bryan Brown’s Theatre work

In 1972, Brown embarked on a journey to the United Kingdom, where he diligently pursued his acting career. His dedication paid off as he secured minor roles at the prestigious Old Vic theatre.

Following this European stint, he returned to his native Australia, where he became an esteemed member of the Genesian Theatre in Sydney.

His talents shone brightly in productions such as Colleen Clifford’s rendition of “A Man for All Seasons.” Subsequently, in 1975, he took a significant step in his career by joining the Queensland Theatre Company.

This move led to his involvement in a compelling tour of “The Rainmaker,” further solidifying his reputation as a skilled and versatile actor.

Bryan Brown’s Early Film Life

Bryan Neathway Brown marked his silver screen debut in the 1975 film “Scobie Malone” with a role as a policeman. Although he delivered just two lines, he was humbly credited as “Brian Bronn” at the bottom of the list.

In 1977, Brown seized a leading role in the short feature “The Love Letters from Teralba Road,” a production crafted by the talented Stephen Wallace.

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Subsequently, his career flourished with a series of small yet significant roles in films like “The Irishman” (1978), directed by Donald Crombie, “Weekend of Shadows” (1978), helmed by Tom Jeffrey, and “The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith” (1978), a project masterminded by Fred Schepisi.

Brown’s prominence continued to grow as he secured more substantial parts in notable productions, including “Newsfront” (1978) under the direction of Phil Noyce, the miniseries “Against the Wind” (1978) directed by Simon Wincer, and “Money Movers” (1978), skillfully guided by Bruce Beresford.

He further showcased his talent by taking the lead in the low-budget film “Third Person Plural” (1979), a creation of James Ricketson, and playing a pivotal role in Tom Jeffrey’s “The Odd Angry Shot” (1979) as well as Donald Crombie’s “Cathy’s Child” (1979).

Brown’s collaboration with Stephen Wallace continued with his role in “Conman Harry and the Others” (1979), and he assumed a leading position in Albie Thoms’ “Palm Beach” (1980).

The pinnacle of Bryan Brown’s early career came in 1980 when he gained recognition on the international stage for his exceptional performance in “Breaker Morant,” a cinematic gem directed by Bruce Beresford.

Bryan Brown’s US career

Bryan Brown’s career continued to evolve with a blend of successes and challenges. He landed a significant lead role in the US action film “F/X” (1986), which garnered acclaim and became a hit.

However, “Tai-Pan” (1986), directed by Daryl Duke, who was known for “The Thorn Birds,” proved to be a massive disappointment despite its adaptation from James Clavell’s best-selling novel.

Brown then returned to Australia, where he collaborated with director Ken Cameron on “The Umbrella Woman” (1987) and contributed to a fresh rendition of “The Shiralee” (1987).

He collaborated with Tom Cruise in the film “Cocktail” (1988) and contributed his skills to “Gorillas in the Mist” (1989), where he starred alongside Sigourney Weaver.

In Australia, Brown took on the lead role in the World War Two drama “Blood Oath” (1990), directed by the renowned Stephen Wallace. He embraced the romantic comedy genre in “Sweet Talker” (1991), a film based on his story, and Tony Morphett skillfully directed by Mike Jenkins.

In the United States, he revisited the world of “F/X” with the sequel “F/X2” (1991), in which he also assumed the role of executive producer. He also dabbled in television with the TV film “Dead in the Water” (1991).

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His versatile talent extended to various genres, as he appeared in the comedy “Blame It on the Bellboy” (1992) alongside Dudley Moore, followed by a series of thrillers, including “Devlin” (1992), “The Last Hit” (1993), and “Age of Treason” (1994), in which he portrayed a detective in the backdrop of Ancient Rome.

Bryan Brown took on the lead in a short-lived British TV series, “The Wanderer” (1994), and starred in the well-received cable film “Full Body Massage” (1995), showcasing his enduring appeal to audiences.

Bryan Brown Return to Australia

Bryan Brown’s career flourished as he returned to Australia, taking the lead in “Dead Heart” (1996), a film he also produced. He showcased his production talents once more in “Twisted Tales” (1996), which later evolved into an anthology TV series.

Additionally, he portrayed Ned Land in the 1997 miniseries “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” alongside Michael Caine. Bryan Brown’s post-1998 career included roles in the TV film “Dogboys” directed by Ken Russell and the thrilling “On the Border” (1998).

In 1999, he starred in the romantic comedy “Dear Claudia” and took a supporting role in “Two Hands” (1999), featuring Heath Ledger and Rose Byrne. He continued to leave his mark in the industry, with appearances in “Grizzly Falls” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (1999).

Back in Australia, he contributed with a supporting role in “Risk” (2000) and took the lead in “On the Beach” (2000) and “Dirty Deeds” (2002), a project he also produced. He ventured into making a short film directed by his wife, titled “The Big House” (2001).

Bryan Brown’s filmography includes:

  • “Footsteps” (2003).
  • “Along Came Polly” (2004).
  • “Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman” (2005).
  • “Spring Break Shark Attack” (2005).
  • “The Poseidon Adventure” (2005).

His involvement in producing continued with a short feature directed by his wife, “Martha’s New Coat” (2005), and participation in the series “Two Twisted” (2005).

Upon returning to Australia, he was featured in “Cactus” (2008) and “Joanne Lees: Murder in the Outback” (2007), a project he also co-produced. He appeared in “Dean Spanley” (2008) and had a more minor role in “Australia” (2008).

Brown took the lead in “Better Man” (2013) and appeared in “An Accidental Soldier” (2013), directed by his wife. Alongside his daughter, he participated in the creation of a short film titled “Lessons from the Grave” (2013).

In subsequent years, Brown starred in the supernatural film “The Darkside” (2013) and assumed the lead role in the TV series “Old School” (2013).

He also graced the stage in 2014 for the Sydney Theatre Company, featuring in David Williamson’s play “Travelling North.”

Bryan Brown’s impressive filmography continued to expand, marked by his significant roles in a series of productions such as “Kill Me Three Times” (2013), “Gods of Egypt” (2015), “Cocktails & Dreams” (2015), “Deadline Gallipoli” (2015), “The Light Between Oceans” (2016), and “Red Dog: True Blue” (2016).

He further left his mark on “Australia Day” (2017) and “Sweet Country” (2017). His association with the Australian film industry remained strong, with his involvement in “Palm Beach,” a project directed by his wife, and the 2019 TV series “Bloom.”

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In 2018, Bryan Brown left an indelible mark with a memorable performance at the Commonwealth Games Gold Coast opening ceremony.

His remarkable contribution underscored his enduring influence in the entertainment world, leaving a profound mark on the event.

Brown’s presence at this high-profile ceremony was a testament to his enduring status and impact in the entertainment industry.

 His captivating company at the event showcased his enduring influence and continued relevance in the industry. His participation in this high-profile ceremony resonated as a testament to his enduring status in entertainment.

Bryan Brown’s Writing

In 2021, Bryan Brown showcased his literary prowess with the release of the crime novel “Sweet Jimmy,” which was published in both print and as an audiobook by Allen & Unwin.

He lent his distinctive voice to the audiobook as its narrator. His creative journey continued with announcing his second book, “The Drowning,” scheduled for publication in 2023.

Bryan Brown’s involvement in the entertainment industry extended to his production company, which brought to life the compelling series “Twisted Tales” and “Two Twisted.” These series followed the tradition of classics like “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.”

Notably, “Two Twisted” introduced an intriguing twist, where both stories within each episode were somehow interconnected, inviting the audience to engage in the enjoyable challenge of spotting these connections.

Honors and awardsIn 1989, Bryan Brown was honored with induction into the prestigious Logie Hall of Fame, a testament to his outstanding contributions to the Australian entertainment industry. 

Bryan Brown’s outstanding acting talent garnered recognition through the Australian Film Institute Awards, specifically for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

He earned this accolade for his exceptional performances in “Breaker Morant” (1980) and “Two Hands” (1999).

In June 2005, Bryan Brown was bestowed with the esteemed title of Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of his unwavering dedication to the community.

His service extended to various charitable organizations committed to offering vital assistance and support to families and young people. Furthermore, his contributions to the Australian film and television industry were also acknowledged.

A lasting tribute to his legacy stands in the form of the Bryan Brown Theatre & Function Centre in Bankstown, Sydney, which was named in his honor in 2013.

This distinguished actor and philanthropist was further distinguished with the Longford Lyell Award at the AACTA Awards in 2018, solidifying his enduring impact on the Australian film industry.

Bryan Brown’s Personal Life

The initial meeting between Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward occurred on the set of the TV miniseries “The Thorn Birds” in 1983. In a playful and memorable moment, Brown read Ward’s palm and, somewhat remarkably, predicted that she would have three children.

Their connection deepened, and a few months after the filming of the miniseries concluded, they decided to marry. True to the palm reading, they are now the proud parents of three children named Rosie, Matilda, and Joe.

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Beyond his accomplished career in entertainment and cherished family life, Bryan Brown is celebrated for his passionate advocacy of Australian republicanism.

He ardently champions the notion of Australia’s transition to a republic, emphasizing its independence from the British monarchy.

FAQs About Bryan Brown

What happened to Bryan Brown?

South Fulton Police are still searching for the person who shot and killed Bryan Brown, whose body was found inside a car outside a Wells Fargo earlier this month.

Police confirm his son, Jacobean Brown, was charged in the murder of a 15-year-old Peachtree City girl, Madison Gesswein, earlier this week.

Is Bryan Brown still married to Rachel Ward?
Celebrating 40 years of marriage, Aussie stars Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward invite The Weekly into their world.

Is Matilda Brown related to Bryan Brown?

Matilda Brown’s career is primarily associated with her prominent role in the short film series Lessons From The Grave, in which she shares the screen with her father, Bryan Brown.

Her mother, Rachel Ward, is a well-known actress. Within her family, Matilda has an older sister named Rosie and a younger brother named Joe, who is also actively acting.

How old is Bryan Brown now?
76 years (June 23, 1947)

Who did Bryan Brown marry?
Rachel Ward

Does Bryan Brown have an illness?
Bryan, 72, revealed on Monday that he developed crippling anxiety after a near-fatal health scare – and it was Sam, 71, who was instrumental in helping him overcome the mental anguish.

‘You can find a veranda or something and sit around. You don’t have to say much a lot of the time,’ said Sam.

Why did Rachel Ward stop acting?
Ward, who showed up at the TV Critics Association press tour for a “Thorn Birds” reunion, said she gave up acting primarily because of the bad reviews she got for her work in the miniseries.

“If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen,” she said. “That’s kind of what I did, and happily so.”


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