Xue Mo

Xue Mo, formerly known as Chen Kaihong, was born in Liangzhou, Gansu province. As a famous cultural scholar, he is also China’s National First-class Writer, Vice-chairman of Gansu WritersAssociation, Dean of Guangzhou Research Institute for Shangpa Culture, and Humanities Tutor of Tumor Research Institutes of Fudan University and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Xue Mo has published dozens of works in various genres, including novels, novellas, short stories, poems, prose, etc. These books cover a wide range of topics such as love, freedom, life and death, human and nature, and so on. Since he was born in China’s west, his writing is mainly characterized by the culture of western China and also contains the essence of traditional Chinese culture. Moreover, his works have been praised by hundreds of Chinese media as " western novels in the true sense and invaluable works of art". His works have been selected in The Chinese Literature Yearbook and The Chinese New Literature Series.
Xue Mo was nominated three times for the MaoDun Literature Prize. Six times in succession he won the Dunhuang Literature and Art Award. He has been honored by winning the Feng Mu Literature Prize, and the Red Eagle Literature Prize for Chinese Writers. In 2015 he was selected in the top ten figures for China’s brand culture. Besides he has had honorable titles bestowed on himself by the Gansu Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Gansu Province, which include "Excellent Expert of Gansu Province", "Excellent Litterateur both in Virtue and Art", "Top Innovative Talents" and "Leading Talents".

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