About us

What is “The Digital Biography“?

We are born to live either physically or digitally.

Every human life is the storage of knowledge and experiences. Stories of successful individuals are the source of inspiration, knowledge, and guideline for the readers and future generations.

The digital biography explores an individual from the past and the present from all over the world, who could be a good source of inspiration and knowledge for our readers. 

We believe that your life and your ancestors’ life history are subject to be preserved for your children and grandchildren. So, “The digitalbiography.com” captures and preserves every valuable life digitally for thousands of years. 

The digital biography publishes the motivating and inspiring stories of leaders, artists, players, scientists, activists, businesspersons, diplomats, and a grassroots level. 

The purpose behind initiating digital biography?

There are thousands of change-makers living in the world. Millions took their last breath without getting to the notice of people. It’s time to highlight their good deeds to inspire the world. We publish such stories in the global and the local language.

Why is the digital biography important?

Thedigitalbiography.com helps one and all to create a professional digital story in form of text, photos, and videos. Our visitors can picture the past and present of every story we cover on our site and we will digitalize every story collecting every possible old memory in the form of audio, visual, or script. 

Our highly professional and dedicated designers will bring days and nights together to make your or your loved one’s biography lively and artistic with the old memories you provide us either in the form of audio and visual. 

We assure you to develop a personal website of your own for a nominal development and yearly renewal charge.

We are a hundred percent legal.

The digital biography is a part of a news organization named Pariwartan Sanchar Samuha, a popular nonprofit media company registered as per the prescribed criteria of the Government of Nepal. No need to mention that thedigitalbiography.com withholds its independent editorial rights. 

Who can contribute to us?

A well-experienced, highly technical, and expert editorial team to finalize the content to be published on our site ‘thedigitalbiography.com.’ 

We equally encourage new writers to write the biography of those change-makers, who might be away of our eye sights or reach.

Our editorial team holds the authority for the final editing of the content. The article will be published in the name of the original writer. 

How can we contact the digital biography team?

It’s easy to contact us. You can directly write an email to [email protected] or you can contact us through every accessible social media.